Expertise & innovation
The mission of Linfloor was to introduce innovation in the raised floor market. Our expereinced staffs have been in raised floor industry for more than 20 years, with expertise on practical & universal design, quality built-in maufacturing, focus-on-customer service.
Built-in quality, Environment friendly, Extensive capability
Uncompromised quality has been built into Linfloor product at every step of the manufacturing process. Our own production guarantees premium quality and quick response times – and also ensures that all processes are environmentally friendly.
Focus on customers
"Lots of companies get so caught up in what their competition is doing that they spend more time looking over their shoulders than looking ahead. Focusing all your energies on what your competition is doing simply means that you're overlooking your greatest source of competitive advantage:your customers. Companies that are successful today, are those that can get closest to their customers' needs."
Operating with integrity
How we deliver results is as important as the results themselves. Linfloor will operate with integrity respecting the human rights of everyone touched by our business.