Office Building
Raised access floor system is the basis of a flexible, high performance workplace. Where air flows cleaner and easier. Where technology adapts with ease. Where the infrastructure operates more cost-effectively than ever before. And where the workplace responds and changes at the speed of business.
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Data Center
Raised access floors provide the most-efficient and cost-effective solution for managing electrical and signal cable management, as well as providing the most-efficient distribution of chilled air throughout the data center.
Access floor panels with factory-bonded HPL/Vinyl finishes have become the standard in data centers because of its ease of maintenance and its unique ability to dissipate static electricity.
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Practicality & Aesthetics
One of the advantages of a raised access floors is that it is fitted dry, in a very small short space of time and its flexibility makes it possible to overcome any difficulties on the commercial building’s floor slab. By offering a wide variety of Aesthetical Finishes, it is an extremely versatile system which gives the designer great freedom of action.
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What is UFAD?
Underfloor air distribution systems are a general class of air distribution systems that deliver air through diffusers in the raised access floor, with the intent of maintaining comfort and indoor air quality levels only in the occupied lower portion of space.
Need for Air Tightness
• UFAD Plenum typically at 0.05-0.10 in. wg (12-25 Pa)
• UFAD systems provide ~ 1.0 cfm/ft2 floor area
• Air Leakage affects comfort, energy, safety, security
• Goal is < 10% air leakage at design s.p.
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